♥ Since I have begun my journey with Annette I have felt much more supported- supported by own inner voice, externally by others and also by the universe (or God). I feel more clarity about decisions I make and I am less self critical. I’ve done both the Emotion Code and Body Code….both have brought a better understanding to me about my body and spirit, and both brought insights that were extraordinarily accurate. Things from the past I thought were long gone were still hanging around…but no longer because if anything at least they have become conscious now.
I have treasured my Skype sessions with Annette because she is straightforward, honest and kind. She listens and helps you grow. Thank you Annette for your help, insight and support.                                Anna Sidoti, Teacher

♥ Before I started the sessions with Annette, I was feeling very run down, tired for no reason, and lost in life. We started to remove the Heartwall before anything else – that took 3 sessions. I’ve had more sessions with Annette and we have removed approx 50 trapped emotions!
I have since had many wonderful things happen in my life. I sleep better and I am not as tired as I once was. I’ve found the motivation to move forward in other areas of my life.
Annette is a fantastic healer and has a wonderful caring nature, which comes through the sessions we had on Skype.
Lee-Ann Bunyoung, Certified Emotion Code Practitioner

♥ In terms of the emotion code work you did I’ve been monitoring the changes to note any differences. I find that:
– I’m lighter
– Much more blunt and to the point
– Don’t pussy foot around as much
– Clear in my intentions and expression
– Much less stressed and afraid of failing
– More confidence
– More willing to take risks
– An incredible need to be free of any shackles that bind
Anni Hoddinott, Hypnotherapist, QHHT practitioner/educator at Bluefire Health

♥ Before working with Annette I had severe emotional discord and couldn’t name (trapped) emotions stuck within me. Annette guided me to realize the importance of how I felt and trapped emotions recurring in my life. She is so easy to talk to. Annette has helped me on my journey to become connected, realizing I am not alone. I have grown stronger relationships. The emotion code is a fantastic way to grow awareness and release what has been holding you back. Annette, thank you for your kindness.           Natasha Kidd, 16 student

♥ I have felt the benefits of releasing some long held patterns stretching for me back to my very earliest years. This practise draws openly from the knowledge that we see and feel much more than with our eyes.  Annette can work to release long held patterns of behaviour. It all sounds too easy but I can feel the change in my own mind and it surprises me!     Julie Crawford, Environmental Health Officer

♥ Before I felt very lost with a lot of sadness without knowing why. Now I feel more peaceful in my mind, more connected to myself, and more aware and conscious. I feel much more lighter and relaxed, and I feel like I started to attract new kind of things around me. Regarding my health, I feel less tired than usually and my allergy that I used to have (eczema) almost disappeared.
Work with Annette … she’s very kind nice and funny so she makes you feel comfortable very quickly!  It’s quite interesting that this work can be done even if you’re on the other side of the world because energy is not a question of distance.
Celia , International Coordinator (France)

♥   Before I started my Emotion Code sessions with Annette, I was often feeling very angry, upset and frustrated about a lot of things happening in my life. After Annette released my blocked emotions….I felt so much lighter, like a heavy weight had been lifted out of my body. I’m finding it so much easier to cope with the everyday stresses that come into my life, and I don’t hang onto my anger and frustration like I used to, it’s now easier to let it all go.

The week after my first Emotion Code session, I manifested $5,000, plus the sale of a property (only on the market for a few weeks) both very unexpected. My marriage has also improved, definitely a lot more relaxed atmosphere now than before I started with Annette. As for our business…I feel more confident in myself, I’m putting forward my thoughts more and also come up with some great ideas.

Thank-you Annette, I owe you so much, you are such a beautiful person.
Isabel Haynes-Riley, Property Developer

♥  I was very keen to release trapped emotions after seeing ‘E-motion’ the movie. We released a lot over 5 sessions including my Heart Wall and a limiting belief I had that ‘I’m incompetent’.  What has happened since? I changed jobs – the same role but in a much better location and a much less stressful environment. I don’t feel exhausted at the end of the day now. I am much more in tune with my body and well-being. My eating habits have changed and it occurs as easy now instead of some awful chore. I feel excited and alive! Things are happening. It’s very empowering.   Annette has been excellent to work with. The process seems very simple and I wondered if it would really do anything. The things that have been happening lately though are not the usual for me.  There’s gotta be something in this :)       Gabrielle Dahmen

  Thanks for work you did. The actual truth is I cannot thank you enough for these works. I value it so much. That is how I feel. After the work a lot has changed for me. My confidence has sky rocketed.  I feel I can achieve anything I set out to do. Of course, procrastination has also gone. Along the way too I am also healthier.  Some part of my body which were in pain was gone.  I will not hesitate to recommend you to all my friends and acquaintances.          Malik Tukur (Nigeria)

  After being diagnosed with a tumour on my sternum bone I devoted myself to deep healing, and clearing accumulated emotional baggage was fundamental to this process. The Emotion Code was a natural choice as it accessed the information of where and what this emotional storage was and was a system to dissolve it. I have experienced a greater sense of peace and a deeper connection with others. Emotion Code has been a cornerstone in my healing journey and Annette is a wonderful facilitator of the process.                       Janet Walker, Nia Instructor

 The work you’ve done with me made my life different than before, I’m more relaxed and much less gloomy.  I also think I’m  indifferent for many things that happen to me or not happen. It has changed my life!       Shmulik Simon (Israel)

 I found the emotion code, direct to the core and accurate, releasing old trapped emotions from my body .I had also done 20yrs of healing before so I was quite surprised what came out. I now feel 80% lighter than I did before, my physical body smaller and my heart open and happier. Naomi Gobits, Massage Therapist

  Annette is a highly skilled, trustworthy and intuitive practitioner who has provided guidance and healing on many levels through her sessions. I highly recommend working with Annette to shift any blocks to be able to continue toward your goals personally and professionally. She has an innate ability to truly listen to you and allow you to express yourself at the deepest level. I am so grateful to you Annette for the work we have done together and would highly recommend seeing her for any issues you’d like support in releasing.  Mandy Siegel, Founder/Director at Voice of Life Coaching* Speaking*Training

  Annette offers a great healing modality, The Emotion Code, results can be almost instantaneous. Amazing healings can and do take place…Annette is a beautiful kind soul with your healing as her main priority.  Laura Wyatt, Owner at Inner Harmony and Healing

  I experienced some amazing insights into why my past still dictates my present both in mind and body.  Thank you Annette not only for your guidance, but also the clearing and cleansing experience of the Emotion Code.  Susan J.

  Annette is remarkable and I would recommend her highly as a wonderful professional.  Thank you.    Marlene Katz, MD at MKD Jewellery Design (HK) Ltd

  It’s been a very positive and enlightening process… I can’t really image how I lived without. It’s a very delicate experience so sometimes changes are hard to pinpoint. Some more noticeable ones are: more of a sense of self, clarity, being honest to who you are.  Speaking your truth and not holding on has been releasing because I’m normally very reserved and shy. Now I just say it as it is.     Yael Scuri

   I decided to target one specific health issue, a constant pain I had on the inner part of my elbow and the tip bones of my two index fingers. Within hours of releasing the emotions that caused this pain, it was gone and hasn’t come back for a month.  Now, not even tapping those points hard gives me pain. What makes it more amazing is the fact that it was done proxy, via Skype.     Barbara Vessi, Childcare Assistant

 Thanks Annette! Your healing work with the emotion code helped me leave behind old emotional rubbish from my past and the conditions I suffered each time Life rubbed one of those old wounds.      Stuart Bruce, Life-long Metaphysician

   I can finally say for certain that what would have triggered a very angry reaction in the past, has GONE! Hooray!! My upsetting nightmares have now settled and changed into very interesting dreams and deep sleep; waking up much more energized. Thank you again for helping me get rid of trapped emotions.   Ingrid van der Waag

  Releasing my trapped emotions made me feel light and happy. I felt freed of all the guilt that has been my company all my life long. In the end, it was the kick start  I needed to look after myself.   Esther Zellweger, Teacher

   Loved my sessions with Annette. To clear some trapped emotions and my Heart Wall was liberating. I feel more easy going now and more able to roll with the punches and not as worrying about the small stuff.    Helen Wieland

   I feel stronger, more confident, more intuitive, and more peaceful and most importantly, very accepting and compassionate towards myself and others. It’s very beautiful to see and feel in this way, instead of from behind a wall of fear! I feel more connected to my partner, my family, my friends and my pets. I haven’t had a back ache since my first session with you either. Thank you so much Annette for your welcoming, caring and insightful presence throughout this experience.  Emma Lees

   I experienced clearing the Heart Wall process with Annette last year and found her very dedicated to the process and patient. A few weeks later I had a new aura photo done and was amazed to see I had a lot more pink around my body which is unconditional love.    Sharon Patterson, Bowen Technique, Reiki Practitioner

   How powerful the release was for me and I felt as though my grandfather was around me.  I kept thinking of him when I had not done this at all in my life. I’ve also had an amazing shift in relationships and even my daughter has too!      Christine Potter