After being diagnosed with a tumour on my sternum bone I devoted myself to deep healing, and clearing accumulated emotional baggage was fundamental to this process. The Emotion Code was a natural choice as it accessed the information of where and what this emotional storage was and was a system to dissolve it. I have experienced a greater sense of peace and a deeper connection with others. Emotion Code has been a cornerstone in my healing journey and Annette is a wonderful facilitator of the process.                       Janet Walker, Nia Instructor

 I found the emotion code, direct to the core and accurate, releasing old trapped emotions from my body .I had also done 20yrs of healing before so I was quite surprised what came out. I now feel 80% lighter than I did before, my physical body smaller and my heart open and happier. Naomi Gobits, Massage Therapist

 Through my sessions with Annette and the Emotion Code work I have been able to release issues from the past that were holding me back and get through a really challenging time in my life. I truly feel lighter in my being. Annette has an innate ability to truly listen to you and allow you to express yourself at the deepest level. I am so grateful to you Annette for the work we have done together and would highly recommend seeing her for any issues you’d like support in releasing.   Mandy Siegel, Voice Of Life Coach/Speaker/Trainer

  I experienced some amazing insights into why my past still dictates my present both in mind and body.  Thank you Annette not only for your guidance, but also the clearing and cleansing experience of the Emotion Code.  Susan J.

 I’m feeling calmer and handling the grief over the relationship ending much better now thanks. I also seem to be able to look to the future with some enthusiasm and a smile. There is a definite improvement within. Merrin Holstein

 The work you’ve done with me made my life different than before, I’m more relaxed and much less gloomy.  I also think I’m  indifferent for many things that happen to me or not happen. It has changed my life!  Shmulik Simon, traveller from Israel

  It’s been a very positive and enlightening process… I can’t really image how I lived without. It’s a very delicate experience so sometimes changes are hard to pinpoint. Some more noticeable ones are: more of a sense of self, clarity, being honest to who you are.  Speaking your truth and not holding on has been releasing because I’m normally very reserved and shy. Now I just say it as it is.     Yael Scuri

   I decided to target one specific health issue, a constant pain I had on the inner part of my elbow and the tip bones of my two index fingers. I couldn’t even touch them softly because it hurt a lot. Within hours of releasing the emotions that caused this pain, it was gone and hasn’t come back for a month.  Now, not even tapping those points hard gives me pain. What makes it more amazing is the fact that it was done proxy, via skype.  Barbara Vessi, Childcare Assistant

 Thanks Annette! Your healing work with the emotion code helped me leave behind old emotional rubbish from my past and the conditions I suffered each time Life rubbed one of those old wounds.      Stuart Bruce, Life-long Metaphysician

   I can finally say for certain that what would have triggered a very angry reaction in the past, has GONE! Hooray!! My upsetting nightmares have now settled and changed into very interesting dreams and deep sleep; waking up much more energized. Thank you again for helping me get rid of trapped emotions.   Ingrid van der Waag

 Annette thank you for the break thru last week with the frustration issue…my mother benefited with the generation release….she was a different person when I visited her….more alert than I have seen her in weeks….today was amazing and I feel already some of the heart wall has melted  away….thank you , thank you.  Laura Anderson

  Releasing my trapped emotions made me feel light and happy. I felt freed of all the guilt that has been my company all my life long. In the end, it was the kickstart  I needed to look after myself.   Esther Zellweger, Teacher

  Thank you Annette, for making our time so Inspirational!  Plus your cool, calm and collected vibe made our sessions so much easier and enjoyable. I highly recommend anyone considering healing with Annette to just go for it!    Danni Dwyer

   Loved my sessions with Annette. To clear some trapped emotions and my heart wall was liberating. I feel more easy going now and more able to roll with the punches and not as worrying about the small stuff.    Helen Wieland

   I feel stronger, more confident, more intuitive, and more peaceful and most importantly, very accepting and compassionate towards myself and others. It’s very beautiful to see and feel in this way, instead of from behind a wall of fear! I feel more connected to my partner, my family, my friends and my pets. I haven’t had a back ache since my first session with you either. Thank you so much Annette for your welcoming, caring and insightful presence throughout this experience.  Emma Lees

   I experienced clearing the Heart Wall process with Annette last year and found her very dedicated to the process and patient. A few weeks later I had a new aura photo done and was amazed to see I had a lot more pink around my body which is unconditional love.    Sharon Patterson, Bowen Technique, Reiki Practitioner

   How powerful the release was for me and I felt as though my grandfather was around me.  I kept thinking of him when I had not done this at all in my life. I’ve also had an amazing shift in relationships and even my daughter has too!      Christine Potter

   I feel so much better; my pain has gone from my stomach area.  Maree Baker, Certified Emotion Code Practitioner

  I feel amazing shifts within me and I’m sleeping better through the night. I feel emotionally detached from my ex, and I’m more patient at work.  I feel as though something has lifted.       Deb Bennie, Health & Fitness Instructor

  I know I felt better after having had my emotion code session with you and two days later the confusion lifted and I made the decision to change my life and make the move to a different city.     Chapei Lin  

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  1. Loved my sessions with Annette. To clear some trapped emotions and my heart wall was liberating. I feel more easy going now and more able to roll with the punches and not as worrying about the small stuff. thanks Annette Helen Wieland