Monthly Archives: August 2019

I’m over the moon with the results


I have definitely noticed a significant decrease in back pain and increase in my mobility. I still have some lower back pain, but not as severe as when I first reached out to to you.  I am more flexible in the morning when getting out of bed and am not hunched over when I get up from the couch.

I’m over the moon with the results to date as this pain has kept me in ‘victimhood’ for the past 3.5 years. I had almost resigned myself to the fact that I would be in pain indefinitely.

I’ve also noticed a huge difference in my emotional well being – I’m much more positive and don’t feel as reactive to things as I used to. I’ve noticed a more positive relationship with my 3.5 year old son as a result.

Michelle Puccio, Life Coach

I feel excited at what my future holds


Since working with Annette on the Abundance Program, after 2 sessions I already feel so much lighter and less stressed about money, things have shifted at a deep level and it’s gentle and subtle.  I feel excited at what my future holds.

Mandy Siegel, Life Coach/Singer/Trainer