Monthly Archives: May 2020

This work is simple, profound, non-intrusive & gives immediate results


I had booked three sessions with Annette to work on certain imbalances affecting my life.

Already after the first session I observed a notable shift in me, feeling more grounded and connected with myself. The work obviously unhinged many old traumas and negative beliefs and I could feel them transitioning out of me, at times experienced with sadness and other unsettling emotions. I was glad to have committed to three sessions, to have the continuum of this work and to experience their benefits, like a knowing that I’m alright and a deepening contentment.

This work is simple, profound, non intrusive and gives immediate results. At least that is my experience.

Annette is a well trained professional of this craft, warm and supportive.

Mradula Dosch, NSW


I have noticed a considerable amount of positive change


Over the course of my sessions with Annette I have noticed a considerable amount of positive change.  I am more confident within myself and trusting of the process of life.  I am at peace with who I am and where I am heading.

These changes are very different from the old me who over analysed everything.  I was scared I would mess up and be judged poorly.  I simply never felt good enough.

However, now after working with Annette, I feel excited by the prospects of the future with newfound energy and trust in the universe.

Deb Perrett, QLD