• Do you have blocks preventing your financial success?

  • Have you struggled to make more money but your finances don’t improve?

  • Does money seem to leave as fast as it comes in, no matter how much you make?

  • Have you hit a financial ceiling despite working hard for years on end?

  • Have you taken a ton of courses about improving your financial mindset but nothing lasts long term… or worse, it doesn’t work at all?


There’s a simple explanation for this – subconscious negative emotions and dysfunctional beliefs can keep you locked out of financial success, feeling as if you keep having bad luck – no matter how hard you work or how many opportunities you pursue.

If you feel there’s something stopping you from creating more, achieving more and earning more, there’s a way to break through… for good!


What is Abundance?

Abundance could be defined as having the freedom, time and resources to help you live the life you want to live. And since we do live in this world, resources could mean money.  While money won’t bring true joy, it is often required to help us pursue what does bring us joy.

Financial abundance doesn’t necessarily mean having a certain amount of money in the bank or never having to work again.  But imagine not having to worry and stress about money because you feel safe and secure in paying your bills while doing things you love.


Remove Blockages

What attitudes, preconceived notions or habits might be blocking your abundance?

This Program is designed to target and eliminate your blocks to wealth and success that prevent you from living a life of financial abundance.

Using The Body Code energy healing system these blockages are identified and corrected. Any conflicts you have around money and wealth are cleared together with the release of any negative stored emotions.


The Financial Abundance Breakthrough Package


It is a 5-session package comprising:

Session 1:   an Evaluation of your current position on Abundance, identifying underlying trapped beliefs, uncovering energetic blocks and negative influences. We clarify your personal goals and determine your level of alignment with them.

Sessions 2 – 4:   Clearing and Correcting sessions

Session 5:   a Re-Evaluation of your current position – through this we can compare the changes that have occurred over the course of this program.

*You will receive an email report after each of the clearing sessions so you can evaluate progress made.

*Your presence is required for the initial Evaluation & the final Re-Evaluation – these sessions can be conducted either via Skype or a one-on-one session.  The remaining sessions can be done remotely, so you don’t have to attend.


The initial Evaluation is approximately 50 minutes and follow-up sessions are generally conducted weekly.

The Re-Evaluation will occur  after the 4th session – the date is determined during this session.


Financial Abundance Breakthrough Package  – AUD $470.00

*Please note further Clearing & Correcting sessions  may be required dependant upon what is uncovered, and purchased individually if required.


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