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8.5 years old and soiling every single day



Before we met Annette, we had been trying to help our daughter with long term incontinence. She was 8.5 years old and soiling every single day. We spent 5 years seeking professional help and discovered the cause was emotional but we just couldn’t solve it.

After about 8 sessions with Annette, the issue was completely resolved and has not reoccurred. The sessions were completely non-invasive, respectful and in fact our daughter did not ever attend a session!

Annette is kind, supportive, nurturing and respectful. You could not find an easier and more lovely approach to meeting your health and life needs!

Michelle, Teacher

I suffered from life-long, chronic social anxiety



I suffered from life-long, chronic social anxiety that was negatively affecting every area of my life. I decided to reach out to Annette after every other method of healing wasn’t giving me the results I wanted and I was still suffering from the same issues.

After a couple of sessions with Annette using the Body Code program I removed my heart wall and many trapped emotions that had been running my life behind the scenes and out of my awareness.

I’ve since felt more confident around people, started feeling more connected to myself and more open with my friends and family. I am extremely happy with the results of this program after just 5 sessions and highly recommend it to anyone who is on a path towards health and healing and may need a shift to break through their emotional blocks.

I might buy a session for my house mate for her birthday as I think she would get a lot out of it.

A.F., Graphic Design

This work is simple, profound, non-intrusive & gives immediate results


I had booked three sessions with Annette to work on certain imbalances affecting my life.

Already after the first session I observed a notable shift in me, feeling more grounded and connected with myself. The work obviously unhinged many old traumas and negative beliefs and I could feel them transitioning out of me, at times experienced with sadness and other unsettling emotions. I was glad to have committed to three sessions, to have the continuum of this work and to experience their benefits, like a knowing that I’m alright and a deepening contentment.

This work is simple, profound, non intrusive and gives immediate results. At least that is my experience.

Annette is a well trained professional of this craft, warm and supportive.

Mradula Dosch, NSW


I have noticed a considerable amount of positive change


Over the course of my sessions with Annette I have noticed a considerable amount of positive change.  I am more confident within myself and trusting of the process of life.  I am at peace with who I am and where I am heading.

These changes are very different from the old me who over analysed everything.  I was scared I would mess up and be judged poorly.  I simply never felt good enough.

However, now after working with Annette, I feel excited by the prospects of the future with newfound energy and trust in the universe.

Deb Perrett, QLD

I no longer go into deep depression


I feel our sessions have come to an end for the time being but I didn’t want to let go before thanking you for your help over the last few months.  My health and outlook has improved but the main thing is I no longer go into really deep depression which has been so familiar to me over my life.

A. McMahon, NSW

Much easier to navigate the current world


I am deeply grateful that I began 2020 working with you. Releasing the Heart Wall was a gift from the Universe , specially all the panic I released.
This has made it much easier to navigate the current world we are all experiencing.
I do intend to continue my healing work with you but might have to wait until I navigate my work/finances and get a clear image of the weeks ahead.

Siuling Bisogno, QLD



I have let go of anxiety about the future


Recently I completed the Abundance Program with Annette. Each time we did a session I felt a greater sense of freedom within myself, I felt lighter and a sense of ease in many areas of my life.  I have let go of anxiety about the future. Things I want come much easier, I am not as reactive to uncomfortable or unexpected circumstances. I feel more supported by life, more trust that all is well and allowing of more good to come to me. My reaction to my finances is easy I feel more confident spending money; less angst and a feeling of being free from the pattern of lack.

I highly recommend Annette’s program, she is very professional and at the same time caring and nurturing. And my willingness to grow has definitely been enhanced by the Abundance Program.

Sharne Warren, Byron Bay, NSW


I’m over the moon with the results


I have definitely noticed a significant decrease in back pain and increase in my mobility. I still have some lower back pain, but not as severe as when I first reached out to to you.  I am more flexible in the morning when getting out of bed and am not hunched over when I get up from the couch.

I’m over the moon with the results to date as this pain has kept me in ‘victimhood’ for the past 3.5 years. I had almost resigned myself to the fact that I would be in pain indefinitely.

I’ve also noticed a huge difference in my emotional well being – I’m much more positive and don’t feel as reactive to things as I used to. I’ve noticed a more positive relationship with my 3.5 year old son as a result.

Michelle Puccio, Life Coach

I feel excited at what my future holds


Since working with Annette on the Abundance Program, after 2 sessions I already feel so much lighter and less stressed about money, things have shifted at a deep level and it’s gentle and subtle.  I feel excited at what my future holds.

Mandy Siegel, Life Coach/Singer/Trainer