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You were the most in touch with me as a patient


Annette… you were the third Emotion Code practitioner on the journey…and to my mind the most in touch with me as a patient. I was still struggling with many issues when I started seeing you but by the last session (was it 5th or 6th) I was experiencing vast improvement in my well being and I was in a state where I was able to meet the ideal woman who has since become my partner…. my journey continues.. much gratitude.

James Thomson, D.O. Osteopath

My life-threatening allergy & trauma around cats has completely gone!



When we were working together earlier this year we worked on my trauma around cats and my life-threatening allergy to them.  If you remember – when I visit my daughter , who has two inside cats – I was in the past moved to take steroids twice a day as well as my ventolin up to six plus times a day just to be in their house.

Sooooo, guess what dear one, none of that has happened this time. I have been virtually unaffected by the cats and you can’t begin to imagine what a relief that has been for me while over here. And for that I Am eternally grateful to you and the work we did together.

So thanks again sweet lady. I am thrilled, and surprised, I must admit. So glad we did all that work.

Linda Joy Flower, Retired 

I get a better night’s sleep &  no longer have any anxiety


I had a total of ten sessions with Annette  and found them to be very helpful. My main issue was not sleeping well and then a secondary issue of short term anxiety.  Annette’s sessions definitely helped me getting a better night’s sleep and 100% helped with the anxiety as I did not have any further anxiety after the sessions.

I was very appreciative to Annette as she gave me lots of advice with regards to the Body Code and the Emotion Code, I am currently studying to become an Emotion Code practitioner and her advice and guidance were invaluable.

I would not hesitate to recommend Annette to anyone who literally has any issues with their general health and well being.

Anna Kollar, Partner Eco Print Supplies

I was at the end of the line…


Basically I was at the end of the line . Everything in my life was a mess. Finances, illness, relationships. I had done so much work on myself and couldn’t turnaround anything . I felt hopeless and sunk into an all time low.

After a few sessions with Annette things had really shifted for me . My illness improved and my relationships significantly changed. I now have a delightful vibe that I never had before. I am grateful for Annette’s compassion and ability to get to cause and release what’s going on with ease. A very effective healer. Highly recommended.

Sharon Bullock, Yoga Teacher/Beauty Therapist


The changes I’ve made feel real and grounded in reality


Annette is obviously a world class healing practitioner.  Her compassion and empathy is truly remarkable. The changes I have made with Annette’s guidance feel real and grounded in reality.

I would not hesitate to recommend Annette to anybody who wishes to embark on this beautiful journey.      Anthony, Kung Fu Teacher

I do my work with more confidence & presence


After the Body Code sessions I almost always felt lighter

After the Body Code sessions I almost always felt lighter, and gradually felt my body or myself in a different way with more clarity or confidence. Changes are that especially after clearing the Heart Wall, I feel myself in a much clearer way, I don’t feel much resentment toward other people even if they don’t like me.

I noticed that, as a professional cook, I somehow became better in my work, and do it with more confidence and presence.

My experience of you Annette is that you are very professional, also warm and caring person. I feel that you can be trusted.      B.M. (Croatia)

I am forever grateful my life has shifted dramatically



When I first came to Annette I had a feeling of being heartbroken…  Everything felt like a struggle… After I cleared the Heart Wall everything started to change. I suddenly had more support at work without asking, my relationship with everyone around me changed for the better- there was no resentment anymore.

Annette is straight to the point with an exceptionally caring, thoughtful manner. From what I’ve noticed about her, she lives her life with integrity and practices what she teaches – unconditional love with necessary boundaries. I am forever grateful as my life has shifted dramatically since seeing her and I literally give her number to anyone who is struggling to move forward or is in pain.

Jessica Gorton, Community Centre Administrator & Facilitator 

I am truly in a better place


Working with Annette has helped me become very clear about the person I want to become, and the goals I would like to achieve in my health, personal development and business. Annette has a kind heart, she is an attentive listener and truly does not judge, you will get a sense of her compassion during sessions, and she also shares a good sense of humour which makes working with her a good time.

Thanks again Annette, I am truly in a better place after working with you. I will always strive to be kind to myself as you have taught.

Martin Gorrie, Professional Football player

Insights that were extraordinarily accurate


Since I have begun my journey with Annette I have felt much more supported- supported by own inner voice, externally by others and also by the universe (or God). I feel more clarity about decisions I make and I am less self critical. I’ve done both the Emotion Code and Body Code….both have brought a better understanding to me about my body and spirit, and both brought insights that were extraordinarily accurate. Things from the past I thought were long gone were still hanging around…but no longer because if anything at least they have become conscious now.
I have treasured my Skype sessions with Annette because she is straightforward, honest and kind. She listens and helps you grow.

Thank you Annette for your help, insight and support.         Anna Sidoti, Teacher