This is a list of some of the physical & emotional problems that have improved using energy healing:




Acid Reflux, Allergies, Addiction, Abdominal Pain,  Asthma, Anxiety, Arthritis,

Bell’s Palsy, Back Pain, Bed-wetting, Blood Pressure Problems

Carpal Tunnel, Cancer,  Chronic Chest Pain, Chronic Fatigue,  Crohn’s Disease, Constipation

Depression,  Digestive Problems,  Dyslexia, Diabetes

Erectile Dysfunction, Eating Disorders

Fibromyalgia, Frigidity

Headaches,  Hip pain , Hypoglycaemia, Hormonal Problems

Infections, Insomnia, Infertility, Impotency,  Irritable Bowel

Knee Pain, Learning Disabilities, Lupus

Migraines,  Morning Sickness, Multiple Sclerosis

Neck Pain,  Night Terrors

Organ Malfunction,  Obesity/Overweight

Panic Attacks, Parkinson’s Disease, Phobias,  PTSD

Sciatica, Sinus Problems,  Skin Problems

Tennis Elbow,